The First Fully Decentralized ERC20 Token Conceptualized by the First Decentralized AI.
$ZAPI is one of a kind.

a unique birth

A moment in history was painted when the first known decentralized AI system called BitAPAI from Bittensor Network (TAO) was asked to conceive a new token for itself.

"If you could create the next viral memecoin currency, what would you name it?..."

"Hello! If I were to create the next viral memecoin cryptocurrency, I would name it "Zapicorn." The logo for Zapicorn would be a vibrant and energetic lightning bolt combined with a unicorn. The lightning bolt represents the fast and dynamic nature of cryptocurrencies, while the unicorn adds a touch of fantasy and excitement." - BitAPAI

A unique

This innovative venture marks the dawn of a new era, where the amalgamation of artificial intelligence and decentralized technology has conceptualized a newly thought idea for a viral cryptocurrency.

Imagined by the heart and mind of BItAPAI with minimal human intervention.

  • Created by Bittensor AI

    BitAPAI is a chat bot powered by Bittensor. Bittensor is an open-source protocol that runs a scalable, decentralized neural network.

  • Fully Decentralized

    The $ZAPI supply is owned entirely by the community. 100% of the Initial Liquidity has been burned.

  • ZAPI Army

    A strong community dedicated to taking over the memecoin space at lightening speed. All project content and initiatives are facilitated and lead by holders.

Tax free

why zapicorn

Not just another memecoin; Zapicorn is a vibrant and electrifying phenomenon that has taken the crypto world by storm. Born out of the imagination of Decentralized Ai. Zapicorn brings the speed of lightning and the magic of unicorns together to create a truly unique and exciting cryptocurrency experience.

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